About Us

“Kettle Korn™” is an age-old European Tradition introduced to Missouri in the 1800’s by German immigrants.

Originally, German immigrants, after a day of rendering lard from hogs, would pop corn in their large iron kettles over a wood fire. They would add honey, molasses, or possibly sugar cane to sweeten their freshly popped treat. The tradition lives on in our Original KETTLE KORN™. Our demonstrating food craft still uses kettles to pop in, however the patented popper system has been streamlined for commercial use.

The corn is popped in a stainless steel kettle while stirring with a wooden paddle, turning out the finished product into a large hand crafted copper kettle – a continuous show stopper for the public to enjoy. Additionally, we hand out free samples for those curious enough to try. Not only is our quality product very tasty, with a distinctively sweet and slightly salty flavor, it is also a healthier product popped in soybean oil.  An added bonus is we never bag ahead, there may be a short wait, but we always hand you a fresh, warm bag of our kettle korn!

Because the “Original KETTLE KORN™” tradition is a couple hundred years old, we often dress in period clothing from the 1800’s to depict an old time theme. Once again a continuous show stopper for the public to enjoy. We hope you will enjoy our Original KETTLE KORN’s™ unique flavor cooked in the spirit of our German ancestors.